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4me4you features “DZHUS Conceptual Wear”

4me4you features “DZHUS Conceptual Wear”

The aesthetics of DZHUS AW20 video campaign balances on the edge of surrealism and utilitarianism. The collection itself is an irony about classic, stereotypical and ‘must-have’ styles, which DZHUS have interpreted in an unexpected way, offering radical yet wearable transformations of the garments. In this short film, DZHUS team themselves apply the most remarkable outfit modifications.

As the alterations are made, the wearers feel a change of their mind-set and, eventually, experience escapist insights in synergy with their newly generated shape.

Short film idea: Jorj Jorburj / Whodidzis?

Directors, cameramen, edit: Jorj Jorburj, Igor Darovskiy / Whodidzis?

Colour grading: Volodymyr Moroz, Jorj Jorburj

Music: Bitch per Minute – Itch / Einstein / KrKrKr Label

Stylist: Irina Dzhus

Makeup & hair artist: Julia Vasilkovskaya

Models: Chidi Onwaeze, Anastasiya Kolomiets / Prime, Anna Voloshenko / Ecos

Styling assistant: Maria Fedosova

Location: Ya Vsesvit by Yakusha Design / Interior Design of the Year 2019 in Ukraine. Short-listed by Dezeen Awards

Ethical footwear: House Martin

DZHUS team: Irina Dzhus, Anatolii Elgert

Tech support: Vlad Rudnik

With huge respect from DZHUS team to musician Bitch per Minute and KrKrKr Label for their timeless talent.


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