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4me4you Features - ‘The Golden Ratio’.


4me4you recently had the pleasure of visiting SOHO REVUE Gallery, which featured a group exhibition titled ‘The Golden Ratio’.


Ella Garvey, Marina Iglesias, Lorena Lohr, Lily Macrae, Chris Oh, Aniela Preston, Samo Shalaby, Becky Tucker and Rosa-Johan Uddoh  

  • The Golden Ratio, a group exhibition of artists who take late-medieval/ Renaissance visual culture as their inspiration, creating works that range from altar pieces and ceramic armour to jewellery and intricate curios.

  • The exhibition title refers less to its implied mathematical specifics and more generally to Western art and thought of the sixteenth-century, particularly to the values of proportion, beauty, harmony, rationality and the wonder of sacred patterns in the natural world as laid out by notorious humanists such as Vitruvius and Alberti.

  • ‘The golden ratio’ has been a source of fascination throughout the history of art and architecture from Japanese artist Hokusai, to modernist architect Le Corbusier, and this exhibition demonstrates a return to beauty and harmony, revealing a search for order to contrast the discord that is so prevalent in modern life.

  • Crucially,The Golden Ratio examines how these ancient structures can still provide a widely recognised framework and language for examining modern concerns of identity and culture.

Group exhibition - ‘The Golden Ratio’.


Ella Garvey, Marina Iglesias, Lorena Lohr, Lily Macrae

Artists: Chris Oh, Aniela Preston, Samo Shalaby

Artists: Becky Tucker and Rosa-Johan Uddoh  

Gallery: SOHO REVUE