NIGHT CAFE - Group Show - 4me4you

4me4you features ‘lay bare’.


Group Show Artists: Sonia Jia, Marco Bizzarri, and Marc-Aurèle Debu


4me4you recently had the delightful opportunity to visit NIGHT CAFE GALLERY, where a captivating exhibition featured the works of Sonia Jia, Marco Bizzarri, and Marc-Aurèle Debut.





  • These talented artists skill-fully unravel layers of human connection, delving deep into the most delicate facets of intimacy. Their pieces resonate with profound insights into the intricate web of interdependence that binds us all.
  • Drawing from their own personal journeys and encounters with trauma, the exhibition intricately explores themes of fragility, memory, and intimacy.
  • Through the lens of phenomenology, viewers are invited to embark on a journey of introspection, contemplating the subjective experiences and perceptions that shape our understanding of human connection. 
NIGHTCAFE - Group Show
  • Each artwork serves as a portal, offering glimpses into the complexities of our shared existence and the profound beauty found within vulnerability.

Artists: Sonia Jia, Marco Bizzarri, and Marc-Aurèle Debut