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One of the most important prizes and rankings.

1- Won the third place award at the Silver Chestnut Award exhibition, in the city of Caprizi, Michael Angel November 21, 2015.

2- Won the second place prize in the International Festival of the Gold Medal Award at the Episcopal Museum on December 1, 2016.

3- Won the fourth place award at the Italian-Japanese Twinning Cultural Festival, Backspo Osaka, Japan, July 2016

4- Won the prize of the first order for the miniature painting in Rome – Italy in February 2016.

5- Was ranked first in the Expo Gold Medal Award, Belgium 2017.

6- Ranked first in the exhibition of citizens who meet art at the Literature and Art House 116 in Rome  2018, Italy.

7- Won the Golden Lion award at the Art Festival in Venice 2017

8- Won the Italian Capital of Culture Award Palermo 2018, represented in the symbol of the city of Palermo, the Silver Falcon.

9- Received the Rome Capital Mando Prize for Diligence in Art in Italy, Art Made in Italy, the Luba Prize Symbol of Rome (Lupus) 2018

10- Awarded the Spanish Artist Felic S. Academic Art Award, from the International Academy of Arts 2017.

11- Received the Human Rights and Social Commitment Award of the Mona Lisa Prize, on the occasion of passing

be prepared to see more within 2020…

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