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Thursday 13th May

“aloha 4me4you”

Konnichiwa 4me4you Aloha 4me4you Xin chao 4me4you Ni hao 4me4you Jambo 4me4you Guten Tag 4me4you hello 4me4you Tere 4me4you Salut 4me4you hi 4me4you Zdravo 4me4you Kaixo 4me4you Olá 4me4you hello 4me4you Konnichiwa 4me4you Guten Tag 4me4you Aloha 4me4you Tere 4me4you


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4ME4YOU FEATURES “Mint designs”  4m4you features DZHUS “LookBOOK Series” 4me4you takes you back-stage during “Vin & OMI” showcase. 4me4you goes behind the scenes with On|Off during London Fashion Week Digital presentation - “ALL POWER TO THE IMAGINATION” SS21. ON OFF... MORE THAN A SHOWCASE, On|Off is devoted to supporting creative innovation - “ALL POWER TO THE IMAGINATION” - Digital SS21 presentation Designers featured: ANA SEKULARAC / LAURA THEISS / 404 STUDIO / YAN DENGYU / IYANU / LONGSHAW WARD / DANIEL P TANNER / HORROX / DYLAN JOEL / HOUSE OF SHELDON HALL / JACK IRVING Enquiries: info@onoff.tv 4ME4YOU INTRODUCES.. FEATURES “THE RERACS” S 4ME4YOU INTRODUCES.. FEATURES Jamie Wei Huang ss20-21 DURING LONDON FASHION WEEK 4ME4YOU INTRODUCES.. FEATURES “SHOOP” SS20-21 DURING Rakuten Fashion Week - Tokyo 4ME4YOU INTRODUCES.. FEATURES “Rito” SS20-21 DURING Rakuten Fashion Week - Tokyo 4me4you features “DZHUS Conceptual Wear” 4me4you introduces..features Milena a 17-year-old hairstylist 4ME4YOU INTRODUCES.. FEATURES “KoH T” SS20-21 DURING Rakuten Fashion Week - Tokyo Brands designer: Taisuke Kohji It is a timeless wardrobe that takes advantage of the personality of the wearing person and present the women's collection pursuing the balance between people and clothes when worn. KoH T aims for is



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4me4you features the Illustrator “Michela Molinari”.




London’s latest shop fronts


in store with…D Squared2 in store with…Akris in store with…Neil Barrett in store with…Moschino in store with…Burberry in store with…Dolce and Gabbana in store with…Valentino in store with…DAKS in store with…Prada in store with…Max Mara in store with…Salvatore Ferragamo in store with…Stella McCartney in store with…Ralph Lauren in store with…BVLGARI in store with…Louis Vuitton in store with…Chanel in store with…Christian Dior in store with…Loro Piana in store with…Miu Miu in store with…Jimmy Choo in store with…Longchamp in store with…Fendi in store with…Tory Burch in store with…Loewe in store with…Mulberry in store with…Church's in store with…Emporio Armani in store with…Anya Hindmarch




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Slide MAGAZINE COVERS February 2017