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François Dubeau

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4me4you introduces you to “A Delightful Paradox” by François Dubeau

  • François Dubeau’s work is a delightful paradox. Combining traditional techniques with the most modern digital tools, Dubeau explores the simplest form of expression. His artistic exploration is one of simplicity, striving for the elemental.

my work

  • Combining the traditional techniques of the engraver, of the illustrator and of the painter, Dubeau’s work is as timeless as it is thoroughly modern. Using a digital stylus, Dubeau explores raw, boundless movement on his virtual canvas, a random gesture always serving as the starting point. A single line often translates into hours of work as a stroke is forever repeated — never twice the same way — until the artist is satisfied with the end result. Once a drawing is complete, it is transferred to paper or canvas. For his canvas work, Dubeau picks-up traditional paints and brushes to create unique free-flowing pieces with exceptional depth and movement.

my process

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– – – Sometimes naughty, always classy, forever sexy; that’s the erotic artwork of Francois Dubeau! Beautiful fine art prints.


– – – The whimsical, wonderful cat artwork of celebrated artist François Dubeau! 100% cat, nothing but cats (with the occasional bird, horse and OMG a dog)!

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