ARTIST: Malcolm Liepke - 4me4you

4me4you features -"Do you See me".


4me4you visits Pontone Art Gallery which featured the artist Malcolm Liepke "Do you See me".


Malcolm Liepke's paintings pulse with life, full of coruscating colour, dramatic composition and seductive evocations of the body.

His subjects are graphically expressed in confident gestural brushwork that describes form in clots, smears, and slicks of sticky, glutinous oil paint.

The entire focus and centre of attention is the figure. Liepke works with a cast of characters, young models who act out worlds weary and self-absorbed scenarios. Some pictures are frank explorations of sensuous male and female appeal.

Exploring contrast he throws dense charcoal blacks against pale and livid flesh tones.

Malcolm Liepke "Do you See me"

ARTIST: Malcolm Liepke