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4me4you features “So many unexpected moments“.


4me4you features the digital artist Tobias Gremmler “So many unexpected moments“.


Tobias Gremmler is a pioneer of media scenography, continuously reinventing the scope of what’s possible in performance arts. The German-born artist has been hailed by designNET as one who “breaks the wall between virtuality and reality.” Blending his expertise in digital media, motion graphics, interface design and music with bold artistic exploration.  Gremmler creates unique immersive experiences for theatre and dance productions, concerts and exhibitions.

“There is a lot of invisible information in movement, be it the motion of a human body or just clouds formed by the wind. It’s like looking at the tip of an iceberg, while the profound forces operating below the surface. I am interested in unveiling these forces and render them into digital visuals beyond physical restrictions. This requires to identify core aspects, extract and amplify them and avoid elements that are already sufficiently represented in reality. It’s like moving the subconscious into awareness by designing a cognitive shell for it. “ Tobias Gremmler

ARTIST: Tobias Gremmler