ARTIST: Leigh Bowery - 4me4you

4me4you features - “-Tell Them I’ve Gone to Papua New Guinea”.


4me4you visits the Fitzrovia Chapel which featured performance artist and 80’s club kid Leigh Bowery -Tell Them I’ve Gone to Papua New Guinea.


The garments he donned mutated nightly, and have inspired greats. His white painted face, with sex-doll style red lips, was transposed onto models at Alexander McQueen’s ‘The Horn of Plenty’ collection, AW09. John Galliano, Martin Margiela and Jean Paul Gaultier have all joined him in paying reference. 

Leigh Bowery is a legendary figure who spans the worlds of art, fashion, dance, club and music. Essentially he himself was the living breathing work of art, his now iconic designs and costumes were ubiquitous and meant for Leigh, as he pushed his body through ever more extreme creations, designed to shock and thrill onlookers from dance floor to gallery.

He was also known as one of Lucian Freud’s most famous models, sitting for the renowned painter for several years.

Tell Them I’ve Gone to Papua New Guinea.

ARTIST: Leigh Bowery