ARTIST: Kwabena Lartey - 4me4you

4me4you features - “Faces”.


4me4you visited Chilli Art Projects Gallery which featured the artist Kwabena Lartey - “Faces”.


Lartey’s Faces document the struggles of one’s inner self. The works have the viewers re-evaluate vulnerability at times in their lives and how they have dealt with conflicts. The state of trauma is something not discussed, but with Lartey, he is creating a safe space to acknowledge the pain and experiences that individuals have gone through and encourage speaking about their emotions.

The use of organic shapes, creates an array of intimate moment between the viewers. Whilst there is a precision and anatomic feeling to his work, there is also a sense of freedom through abstraction.

Ultimately Lartey is a master at piecing together the puzzle, showing us that those who encounter such traumas in their lives will not be broken. Through Art and other means, the pieces of each individual’s puzzle can be put back together and it is Lartey’s works that gives us hope of doing so.


Lartey’s Faces document the struggles of one’s inner self.

ARTIST: Kwabena Lartey