ARTIST: Sarah Ball   - 4me4you

4me4you features - “Demonstrating”.


4me4you visits Stephen Friedman Gallery which featured the artist  Sarah Ball  - “Demonstrating”.


Demonstrating an acute sensitivity to the psyche of her subjects, Ball’s enigmatic portraits explore the way we project images of ourselves  to the world. Using closely cropped compositions, the body of works celebrates individuals whose self-expression contest conventional gender norms.  

Ball focus on the idiosyncrasies of her sitters by depicting their physiognomy, jewelry, make-up and tattoos.   Soft brush strokes, muted colour palettes, and monochromatic backgrounds contrast with the confrontational gazes of her subjects.  

Ball says that the paintings are the “most autobiographical to date.


The immediacy of their gazes is intensified by the dramatic shifts in scale of the paintings.

ARTIST: Sarah Ball