ARTIST: Gisela McDaniel - 4me4you

4me4you features - “Manhaga Fu’una”


4me4you visits Pilar Corrias Gallery which featured Gisela McDaniel - “Manhaga Fu’una”.


Working primarily with women and non binary people who identify as Black; Micronesian, Indigenous to Turtle Island, Asian, Latinx/e, and/or mixed race, who statistically experience much higher rates of violence and murder, McDaniel disrupts and responds to historical and contemporary patterns of silencing in visual art and popular culture. 

McDaniel’s work takes on sculptural properties through the addition of personal items belonging to her subjects as well as donated or found objects. 

The artist’ adorns her paintings with these objects which can include pieces of clothing and recycled or broken jewellery, imbuing them with new life and creating an additional layer between the subject and the viewer.

 – “Manhaga Fu’una” – 

ARTIST: Gisela McDaniel