ARTIST: Hannah Lim - 4me4you

4me4you features - “Inanimate Creatures.”


4me4you visits Changing Room Gallery which featured the artist Hannah Lim - Inanimate Creatures.


Hannah Lim is a sculpture.  Her sculptures reclaim and re-imagine this practice conscientiously.  Both ornamental and functional designs are blended together in larger and smaller-scale works. She has drawn inspiration from a range of Chinese literature focused on enchanted creatures and mythical storytelling.

I create furniture-like structures that are ornamental but also functional. These are usually flat-packable and when assembled are often anthropomorphic in stature and shape. These objects are culturally coded, they reference an aesthetic trend that saw the appropriation of Chinese design as a result of Britain’s colonial conquests however they are also playful and peculiar, and their creature-like bodies depict them as having a life of their own.  - Hannah Lim. See more: WEBSITE:

– Inanimate Creatures – 

..drawn inspiration from a range of Chinese literature..

ARTIST: Hannah Lim