ARTIST: Richard Mensah - 4me4you

4me4you features - “Fluid Movement”.


4me4you was introduced to the artist Richard Mensah during his solo show “Fluid Movement”.


Richard Mensah is a London based artist.  His style is mainly intuitive - he conceives an idea to paint but often starts the painting project before the idea is fully formed. He relies on his intuitions to bring the concept into reality.

This mainly means that he does very little preparation before commencing any paintings and doesn’t always know how the pieces of ideas come together to fully bring the concept into reality. His key guiding principle for every painting project is with patience every painting always ends well. He takes inspiration from his African heritage, childhood memories and everyday happenings.

Richard is intrigued by shapes, movement, shades and light and tries to capture these in his paintings. His paintings and creations are vivid, bright bold colours, captures various emotions and combines abstract and realism.

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“Fluid Movement”

ARTIST: Richard Mensah