ARTIST: Jake Wood-Evans - 4me4you

4me4you features - “ The Edge of Reality”.


4me4you visits Unit London Gallery which featured the artist Jake Wood-Evans - “ The Edge of Reality”.


Jake Wood-Evans newest body of work unfolds a series of dreamlike moments. The works charts a constellation of ethereal vignettes that float between reality and an alternate existence.  Wood-Evans combines the ambiguous with the unexpected, ushering us into a space in which each painting lingers on the boundary of an otherworldly plane.  In essence, “The Edge of Reality” calls us to look further, disrupting what we think we know to give way to new scopes of additional meaning.

The artist’s lens is the singular thread that weaves itself through “The Edge of Reality”.  Wood-Evans is not interested in replications, but in excavations.  With each piece the artists removes layer after layer to extricate an artwork from any fixed interpretation.  Ghosts of the original reference material remain but are shrouded by unfamiliar atmospheres and altered compositions.

Wood-Evans uses these images as starting points, blending the familiar with something altogether new to unsettle any preconceived narratives.  

In doing so, the artist meditates on the contemporary mindset that has perhaps dismissively categorised and even derided the original reference material.

“ The Edge of Reality”.

ARTIST: Jake Wood-Evans