ARTIST: Ming Ying - 4me4you

4me4you features - “Society: Acts I-IV”.


4me4you features the artist Ming Ying - “Society: Acts I-IV”.


Min’s works looks to the many moments one experiences living in an era where status and image have become increasingly important. 

From flashy social scenes, to the mundane acts of day to day life.  She explores themes of loneliness, desire and identity in an effort to encourage viewers to reflect on who they are in today’s society.

“Society: Acts I-IV”.

Ming creates dreamy scenarios on her canvas, blurring the line between figuration and abstraction to form a world that is parallel to, but far from, reality.

With her distorted brushstrokes, vibrant colour palette, and heavy impasto paint she creates romantic, psychedelic scenes that are based on  reality, but imply a vision of desire.

ARTIST: Ming Ying