ARTIST: Bisco Smith - 4me4you

4me4you features - “RE/STRUCTURE”.


4me4you visits Omni Gallery which featured the artist Bisco Smith - “RE/STRUCTURE.


Bisco Smith is a New-York based contemporary artist best known for his deconstructed compositions that draw inspiration from graffiti, music, and lyrics.

Smith reimagines abstract expressionism through his own unique lens; incorporating abstract marks and emotive lyrical text in his distinctive stripped-back style.

The lyrics inscribed on the canvases are Smith’s own, expressing his need to develop his own dialogue in order to convey the collective experience, which in turn is shared with the viewer to create a new language of understanding. 

Informed by his relationship with music, Smith sought to use textural elements to express the slower pace of life he had adopted, marking the shift in the rebalancing of energies and the refocusing of awareness he experienced whilst developing his studio practice.

Bisco Smith is a New-York based contemporary artist.

ARTIST: Bisco Smith