ARTIST: Nigatu Tsehay - 4me4you

4me4you features - “Pace of Life”.

Nigatu Tsehay – “Pace of Life”.


4me4you visits Addis Fine Art Gallery which featured the artist Nigatu Tsehay - “Pace of Life”.


For Nigatu Tsehay, art is a fundamentally interrogative process.  While it may not always yield definitive answers, painting allows him to grapple with important questions, and use his own visual language as a means of reflection and communication.  The specific characters and objects that come to life on his canvas es serve primarily as a means of exploring universal themes.

For Nigatu, art is a fundamentally interrogative process.

Nigatu seeks to explore universal themes of existence and human experience, blending the precise with the abstract to create surrealistic realms which invite his audience to participate in the essential act of inquiry. 

ARTIST: Nigatu Tsehay