ARTIST: Robert Nava - 4me4you

4me4you features “Thunderbolt Disco”.


4me4you visits the PACE Gallery which featured the artist Robert Nava - “Thunderbolt Disco”.


Nava’s practice is drawing, a daily ritual for the artist.  From sketches he translates his creatures onto canvas in his signature combination of acrylic and grease pencil.

Robert Nava has dedicated his practice to developing a unique cast of characters that occupy his paintings.  Nava draws from a diverse array of visual and conceptual sources.

“I wanted to return to my childhood interest.  I wanted to see these fabled creatures in my studio.  

 I’m interested in a new new kind of mythmaking, even though there are no real stories behind them yet”.

Nava’s metamorphic creatures are bold and imposing as they fill the canvas and blend into one another, opening a window to Nava’s inner world of imagination.

ARTIST: Robert Nava