ARTIST: Pippa Young - 4me4you

4me4you features “Dancing on the Brim of Chaos”.


4me4you visits Arusha Gallery which featured the artist Pippa Young - “Dancing on the Brim of Chaos”.


Pippa Young’s paintings are constructed out of altered and decontextualised imagery.  For Young, collage is a metaphor for contemporary life.

Chaotic and fragmented, the everyday is filled with thousands of images which trigger disconnected thoughts.  Collectively, we are the product of an image saturated world and Young assumes the onerous task of redacting it on our behalf.

Young describes the act of painting as if “I am dancing on the brim of chaos”.

Her aspiration is to “provide a pause, a moment of meditative contemplation”. 

And while Young acknowledges the brim of chaos, which enraptures us all, she also provides respite from it with her reacted figures.

ARTIST: Pippa Young