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4me4you features -“blossoming thoughts″.


4me4you features the artist Paola Medici – “I am not a portrait″.


What does it mean to stop judging a book by its cover? It means starting to gather the details, it means starting to dig a little deeper into the surface of life, it means to trying to figure out the secret origin of the evasive glance. Paintings return to dominate photography, when the brush becomes a scalpel and penetrates the human image, bringing to light the story hidden behind each face.

This is the aim of I am not a portrait: the rejection of the banal beauty of the illusion of the façade, to reveal, instead, between shapes and colours, with grace or ferocity, the intimacy that makes us who we are. Therefore, the forgotten wounds emerge in the meanders of the mind, therefore the body bends and stretches as it dances with unspoken desires, therefore the human silhouette loses its substance to match with the nuances of emotions. Where an image appears silent, there comes the artist’s bold brushstroke… - Paola Medici SEE MORE: WEBSITE:

ARTIST: Paola Medici