ARTIST: Andy Moses - 4me4you

4me4you features - “In Search of the Sublime”.


4me4you visits JD Malat Gallery which featured the artist Andy Moses -  “In Search of the Sublime”.


I am always mining in the depths of nature and natural forces.  I want to create a powerful connection between the viewer and my work. 

I want to take the viewer on a journey of discovery and connection.  I want them to walk away feeling more connected to our world and even to the whole universe.  I want them to feel moments of the sublime, - Andy Moses.

Andy Moses’s addresses the “sublime” as a metaphysical experience drawing on the endless and infinite elements that nature reveals.  

His experimentation and technique uses forces that mimic nature, allowing for unique reactions and patterns to occur on the canvas.

The works featured in the show have a refined colour palette, one that focuses on gold and dark shades which add an element of sophistication and emphasise Moses’ controlled technique.  

The swirls and twirls on the canvases mesmerise with unique patterns, while simultaneously merging and separating each colour visible to the viewer.

ARTIST: Andy Moses