ARTIST: Heesoo Kim - 4me4you

4me4you features “Normal Life”.

ARTIST: Heesoo Kim 


4me4you visits Unit London Gallery which featured the artist Heesoo Kim - “Normal Life”.


In what the artist Heesoo Kim defines as an “expression of the mundane”, Normal Life is an accumulation of everyday observations.  

Surrounded by a society that constantly grapples for recognition and success.  Kim’s body of work subtly engages with the mild sense of insecurity that is engendered by an achievement-driven world.

The portraits do not attach themselves to any specific sense of personhood; each figure, wiped clean of idiosyncrasies, could be anyone.

Kim encourages viewers to project themselves onto his portraits, revelling in the conceivable meanings of our universal experience and presenting an ordinary that has the potential to be the extraordinary

“expression of the mundane”

“Normal Life”

ARTIST: Heesoo Kim