ARTIST: Henry Jabbour - 4me4you

4me4you features “Saturation Point”..


4me4you visited Pontone Gallery which featured the artist Henry Jabbour - “Saturation Point”.


Henry Jabbour paints figures, flowers, and abstract studies in an expressively gestural style with an eye for rich and sumptuous colour. His figures are schematic and cursive studies of human interaction and tenderness.

Jabbour’s vibrant palette deploys orange, yellow, blue, red and violet.  He explores dynamic combinations, contrasting hues and complementary couplings.

These pictures are super-saturated with colour and variegated texture.  They are exercises in stimulation that wonder down pathways of enquiry into the fundamentals of technique and physicality of paint.

“Saturation Point”.

…vibrant palette deploys orange, yellow, blue, red and violet..

ARTIST: Henry Jabbour