ARTIST: Ragna Bley - 4me4you

4me4you features “Viridian Land”.


4me4you visits Pilar Corrias Gallery which featured the artist Ragna Bley - “Viridian Land”.


Bley’s paintings seem to move. They are lambent, they run lightly over.

She creates layers and transparencies that hint at familiar shapes and organic matter, though the visual associations that arise from Bley’s paintings are completely individual - and may at times resemble forms that are imperceptible to humans. Certain areas of Bley’s canvases are painted, while some are left bare, alluding to the instability of images, and more broadly, to the slippages between our frameworks of understanding.

Bley’s paintings seem to move.  They are lambent, they run lightly over.  

ARTIST: Ragna Bley