Pi Artworks - 4me4you

Pi Artworks London Gallery Group Show


4me4you visits Pi Artworks London Gallery which featured “Everywhere was now, and nowhere everywhere”.


Artists: Monir Farmanfarmaian/ Gaia Fugazza/ Dee Ferris/ Deborah Hobson/ Ximena Garrido-Lecca/ Maude Maris/ Tanoa Sasraku/ Gulay Sememercioglu/ Maryam Eisler/ Salvatore Arancio/ John Greenwood/ GT Pellizzi/ Peter Peri/ Polys Peslikas/ Jamie Shovlin/ Ben Spiers/ Richard Wathen/ James Huggett

The title and idea of this group exhibition originate from the book "Technic & Magic: The Reconstruction of Reality by Italian philosopher Frederico Campagna (Bloomsbury publishing 2018).

“Everywhere was now, and nowhere everywhere” is a group exhibition that sits within a territory where we are faced with the human need to connect with a sense of the cosmic.  

Each artist here has their own idiosyncratic approach to this cosmos-anthropic task, using both esoteric and exoteric methodologies.

Some of the artists turn towards less rational worlds or enter a space where art history is to be “fermented and feasted upon”.

“Where the Ground Meets the Sky”