ARTIST: Megan Baker - 4me4you

4me4you features - "Where the Ground Meets the Sky".


4me4you visits Gillian Jason Gallery where they featured the artist - Megan Baker "Where the Ground Meets the Sky".


"Where the Ground Meets the Sky" explores moments of stillness within nature, capturing a feeling of comfort in solitude where the vastness of landscape makes us conscious of our contained state as human beings.

"Through these works, I am contemplating the infiniteness of the landscape against the finiteness of our being. To be still and gaze at the passage of time, to acknowledge each moment as it happens and know that this too will pass, make it both beautiful and sorrowful" - Megan Baker

Unfolding layers of impasto, Megan Baker’s oil paintings suggest an ever-changing state of being, where fragmented and gestural figures are continually interrupted by the immediacy of the paint.  The oscillation of time intercepts the way painting is understood, the surface flickering between a recognisable form and a sweeping brush stroke.  Focusing on the physicality of the medium itself, Baker’s practice is centered on the way time can be experienced through painting. 

Baker uses paint as a way to expand and extend time in a world where everyday encounters feel so instant and condensed.  In turn, the perception of time shifts and evolves as one is absorbed by the search and discovery of the next hidden detail.