ARTIST: Fahamu Pecou - 4me4you

4me4you features - "Return of the King".


4me4you visits Pontone Gallery which featured the artist Fahamu Pecou - "Return of the King".


Multimedia artist, Fahamu Pecou explores contemporary notions of blackness through painting, photography, mixed media, video and performance.

The images are derived from a wide-ranging source material, taken from the iconography of hip hop, street fashion and research.

Pecou, is interested in investigating and questioning the stereotypes and assumptions that surround the representation of the black, male body.

Pecou’s facility with his method and materials is theatrical.  The eye is caught and intrigued by an unfurling incident: costume is put on and taken off; and roles are referenced and subverted.

The artist is telling us that being black is multi-layered, particularly when it comes to the various iterations of the black male.

ARTIST:Fahamu Pecou