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4me4you Features - ‘GHOST STORIES’.


4me4you features the artist Audrey Kawasaki - ‘GHOST STORIES’.


“My painted women are like ghosts. They are fictional ethereal spirits/ phantoms/ apparitions. They are fleeting visions only captured in my work, fuelled more by impulse and instinct when it comes to the subject matter. ‘She’ tells me to draw her like this, and then I go along with her request, I show up at the studio to work and make progress until she tells me, “Ok. We are done here”. I am her obedient servant. I give her my time and effort until it pleases her. There are certain moments in the drawing and painting process when I feel extra excited and pleased, as if she sings and is finally content with my efforts. She shouts “Yes! Yes! Yes!”. I guess in a way I work for her praise and approval. This is how I prefer to make sense of it all. To separate myself from her, and to romanticise this strange relationship with my women.” - Audrey Kawasaki.


4me4you had the privilege of immersing ourselves in the captivating world of Audrey Kawasaki’s – “Ghost Stories”, held at Stolen Space Gallery.  

This collection delves into Kawasaki’s spiritual realm, exploring the peculiar allure of the bizarre, mysterious, and weird that has always fascinated her.

The artist’s profound connection with tales of ghosts, the paranormal, and the macabre is hauntingly expressed in this beautiful body of work.

“Ghost Stories” is a manifestation of Kawasaki’s exploration into the enigmatic aspects of feminine sensuality, portraying seductive and uninhibited female subjects with delicate beauty and direct, provocative eye contact.

The graceful gestures and ghost-like features of her creations carry expressions of melancholy and longing, creating an alluring aura of mystery.

Kawasaki’s artistic process is a meticulous journey that begins with a pencil drawing on a wood panel. Her keen attention to line quality and flow, influenced by her admiration for Art Nouveau and Japanese graphic arts like manga, lays the foundation.

The application of acrylic over the pencil is followed by the use of oil paints for colour and refinement.

Through the strategic use of thin, transparent layers, Kawasaki gradually builds up coats of colour washes in oil, often allowing the original wood grain panel or pencil markings to subtly emerge, adding depth and authenticity to her pieces.

“Ghost Stories” is a captivating exploration of Audrey Kawasaki’s spiritual and artistic journey, inviting viewers into a world where the ethereal and the sensual coalesce with finesse and mystery.


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