Artist: Christina Quarles - 4me4you

4me4you Features - ‘TRIPPING OVER MY JOY’.


4me4you features the artist Christina Quarles - ‘TRIPPING OVER MY JOY’.


4me4you had the delightful opportunity to explore the captivating world of Pilar Corrias Gallery, featuring the extraordinary artist Christina Quarles.

Quarles skill-fully delves into the intricate realms of identity and representation, seamlessly blending her expertise in drawing, experimental painting techniques, and digital technology.


Crafted during the vibrant summer months, her artworks resonate with the luminosity and hues of the Los Angeles sky, infusing a unique energy into each piece.

Latticework patterns and familiar symbols like swimming pools, sunsets, and bold stripes are reimagined as elaborate landscapes, imbuing the artwork with layers of profound meaning.

Captivating the observer’s sustained attention, Quarles’ densely painted canvases gradually evolve, introducing a dynamic element within the seemingly static imagery.

Central to Quarles’ artistic language is the concept of perception. 

Much like her psychedelic patterns and expansive picture planes, the ambiguous forms within her work serve as rhetorical devices—a figurative expression reflecting the intricate complexities of identity.

Informed by her personal journey as a queer, multiracial woman, Quarles’ painted figures become metaphors for internal processes, conveying the nuanced experience of inhabiting a body and the ever-shifting interpretations of that body within evolving social contexts.


Artist: Christina Quarles