Artist: William Rowsell - 4me4you

Artist: William Rowsell


4me4you features the artist William Rowsell - “They say make drawing your best friend”.


William sees drawing the clothed figure as a delicate balance between the human form and the intricacies of draped designs crafted by fashion designers. His quest lies in capturing the dynamic interplay and seamless flow between the two elements. Often starting with a captivating detail that catches his eye, each drawing becomes a new exploration in mark-making and material usage, pushing the boundaries of image creation with every stroke.

Dive into the vibrant world of artist William Rowsell, showcased on 4me4you. For him, drawing is not just a skill but a way of life, a discovery that unfolded during the lockdown period when he collaborated with Drawing Cabaret Couture. This encounter sparked a profound passion for fashion illustration, transforming his artistic approach.

In William’s artistic realm, fashion illustration serves as a reflection of our contemporary times, a delightful assortment of cultural influences. The process is a constant source of inspiration, compelling him to challenge his own limits. With a rapid and energetic drawing style, William aims to transfer that vitality onto the page, creating images that leap off, leaving viewers in awe. Brace yourself for a visual experience that goes beyond the ordinary—where each drawing is a gasp-inducing journey into the extraordinary.

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