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Artist: Elena Garrigolas


4me4you features the artist Elena Garrigolas - ‘Taking inspiration from..’.


Garrigolas’s artistry delves into the intricacies of the female form, serving as a poignant reflection of her own battles with body image and the weight of societal expectations. The true power of her work comes to light in her self-portraits, raw and unfiltered, laying bare the realities of her experiences.

4me4you had the delightful opportunity to explore the Saatchi Yates Gallery, where the spotlight shone on the talented artist Elena Garrigolas.

Raised in a devoutly religious environment and educated in a Catholic school, Garrigolas grapples with the teachings and societal pressures that have molded her perception of her own body. It’s a journey she fearlessly shares through her art.

In an era where the art of drawing is increasingly overshadowed, Elena Garrigolas stands as a champion of its enduring significance. She sees drawing not just as a skill but as the fundamental cornerstone of all visual art forms.

Humor, according to Garrigolas, serves as a ‘defense mechanism’ in her creative arsenal. It becomes the lens through which she fearlessly explores deeply personal issues, allowing her to navigate vulnerability with finesse. 

In a world where the act of drawing is sometimes overshadowed, Garrigolas reminds us of its enduring significance and its power to tell stories that resonate on a profound level.

Her feminist surrealism explores motherhood, warped beauty and anthropomorphic portraiture.

Artist: Elena Garrigolas