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Artist: William Brickel


4me4you features the artist William Brickel - ‘figures are situated in captivating poses’.


In his meticulously crafted scenes, Brickel places figures in captivating poses, weaving a visual narrative that delves into the realms of intimacy, longing, reflection, and ennui. The artist’s work transcends a specific time period, embracing an ambiguous temporality. The distinct ‘flat realism’ evident in his use of color and form draws comparisons to influential British interwar artists such as Austin Osman Spare, Winifred Knights, and Edward Burra.

4me4you recently had the pleasure of visiting The Artist Room Gallery, where the spotlight was on the incredibly talented artist William Brickel. Brickel, renowned for his adept use of oil paint, charcoal, conté, and watercolor, is celebrated for his nuanced explorations of the human figure.

Brickel’s creations, simultaneously meditative and psychologically charged, serve as a testament to the power of portraiture in capturing the universality of human experience. From themes of alienation and isolation to those of kinship and desire, his tender compositions act as windows into the diverse spectrum of human emotions. 

By delving into our collective histories, Brickel’s art encourages us to deepen our understanding of one another and, in turn, fosters a profound connection with the shared tapestry of human existence.

Artist: William Brickel