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ARTIST: Esben Weile Kjær


4Me4You Features - ‘performances’. ARTIST: Esben Weile Kjær:


Esben Weile Kjær: Creating art is a unique realm where ambiguity thrives. Rather than conveying a singular message, I strive to evoke contemplation and introspection through my work. My art serves as a means for me to navigate and comprehend the intricacies of the world.

Displayed within are remnants from previous performances, presented as posters and propaganda encased in stained glass, subtly hinting at their potential integration into architectural landscapes. Additionally, colossal alien skulls transformed into wrecking balls stand prominently, symbolizing a forward trajectory toward the upcoming performance.

This performance marks the inaugural installment of a three-part project set to unfold throughout 2024. At its core, the narrative explores a love story unfolding among humans, aliens, and a generation of youth eager to identify as aliens, seeking liberation from the constraints of biology and gravity. The art becomes a conduit for a captivating journey that transcends conventional boundaries.

ARTIST: Esben Weile Kjær