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4me4you features - ‘Tales of the City, Tales of the Sea’.


4Me4You Features - ‘Tales of the City, Tales of the Sea’. ARTIST: James Dearlove


James Dearlove unveils a mystical realm tinged with twilight, where ethereal entities—be they figures, animals, or hybrids—haunt the canvas. His focus delves into the imprint left by humanity, both as individuals and as a collective force upon the world.

Jame’s explores the captivating effect a solitary figure can cast over a room and the mesmerising path of a firework streaking across the sky.

Within his paintings, he strives to encapsulate the tangible essence of the human form: the play of light upon flesh, bodies seamlessly merging with their surroundings. Yet, his art also delves into metaphysical realms and, at times, confronts the tumultuous collisions between humans and the natural world. Figures undergo metamorphosis into avian beings, a maelstrom of shipwrecked bodies entwined with jellyfish.

The fascination lies in the dual nature of marks on a surface, simultaneously birthing and annihilating, as well as fetishising both the paint medium and the subject. Some of his pieces find their canvas on newspaper, where he deliberately exploits the interruption of newsprint—a subtle yet forceful disruption to the painted surface.

Ultimately, his paintings are a journey into the intricate interplay of desire and disquietude within the human experience. This exploration is deeply rooted in Jame’s personal journey as a queer man, navigating life and artistry within the bustling heart of the city and, more recently, in the serenity of rural isolation.

‘Tales of the City, Tales of the Sea’

ARTIST: James Dearlove

Website:  jamesdearlove