ARTIST: Jarek Puczel - 4me4you

4me4you features - “InTO THE unKNOWN“.


4me4you visits Pontone Gallery which featured the artist Jarek Puczel - "InTO THE unKNOWN".


Jarek Puczel paints images of enigmatic and solitary female figures in lyrical and romantic settings, mostly landscapes. Dramatically composed and artfully cropped, his pictures evoke the dynamic visual language of film. We are invited to decipher the story implied by these carefully-edited excerpts from some dramatic episode and wonder what script the subject follows.

Puczel employs a spare, graphic technique, which renders contour and silhouette clear and forceful. Tonal values are pushed to extremes to deliver high levels of contrast, which makes for an atmosphere of brooding intensity. His colour palette is highly controlled and economically distributed against cool blue-greys and twilight blacks. In certain areas the background shows through the figure, apparently dissolving as if recalled from a hallucinogenic dream.

This stylistic device breaks the spell of representation and introduces a sense of jeopardy and mutability. This is balanced and contrasted by the more nurturing allusions to nature seen in the depictions of landscape and hints of human intimacy.

Jarek Puczel’s cinematic scenarios can be seen as ambiguous expressions of the covert, the cryptic and the secret. At the same time we see moments of contemplation and communion that suggest that his protagonist can be at ease in the world and find resolution. 

ARTIST: Jarek Puczel