ARTIST: Zümrütoğlu - 4me4you

4Me4You Features  - “All and None”.


4me4you visits JD Malat Gallery which featured the artist Zümrütoğlu -  “All and None”.


Showcasing his evolution and mastery of visual storytelling and expression, Zümrütoğlu's multidimensional large-scale paintings and sculptures invite viewers into a realm where reality and abstraction coalesce Functioning as an exploration into the sublime, 'All and None' prompts contemplation on the relationships between presence and absence and the ultimate impermanence of being.

Exhibiting new impastoed oil paintings as well as bronze sculptures, the figures that inhabit Zümrütoğlu's expansive works exist in a state of perpetual transformation. Oscillating between representation and physical abstraction, they embody a captivating metamorphosis.

 Through mark-making and bold brush strokes, Zümrütoğlu translates these figures into objects of pure pigment, allowing them to dissolve seamlessly into their material essence before re-emerging into their figurative form.

This dynamic process invites viewers to question the very nature of perception and representation. Often feet and hands remain recognisable emerging from the masses of swirling colour alluding to the influence of time on the erosion of bodies and challenging the association of identity with form.

Zümrütoğlu’s figurative shapes inhabit the same perspectival projection as the ground and the surreal layered sunsets that often inhabit his paintings. The artist’s rich and evocative colour palettes serve as a living testament to his personal encounter with synaesthesia, where each hue resonates with its own harmonious melody. 

Infusing both his paintings and sculptures with an auditory rhythm; Zümrütoğlu communicates the speed of transition, guiding us through an intense metamorphosis to ultimately contemplate themes of the dehumanisation of modernity and human impermanence.

ARTIST: Zümrütoğlu