ARTIST: Selma Parlour - 4me4you

4me4you features - "Yonder Cloud".


4me4you visits Pi Artworks Gallery which featured the artist Selma Parlour - "Yonder Cloud".


Selma Parlour is known for her meticulous oil paintings that appear as though they are drawn, dyed or painted.

These paintings belie a rigorous process that sees the weave of the soft linen substrate exposed within colour. And, colour - pastel, vivid, sour - is "backlit" by the white primer beneath creating a glow reminiscent of the photograph or screen.

Parlour reimagines the grid as a site for illusion.

For Yonder Cloud, her grids are patterns in relation but they can also be read as codified representations of multiple paintings.

Her attentiveness to the liminal space between painting’s objectness and the image, her paintings question our impression of tangible space and surface.

ARTIST :Selma Parlour