Illustrator - Mariya Christova - 4me4you

Illustrator - Mariya Christova


4me4you features Illustrator - Mariya Christova.


Mariya illustrates women who want to be women and even sad and scary.

..inspired by designers, couture collections, theatrical runway

productions, and the captivating models and muses who grace the

glossy pages of monthly magazines.  Her love for all things magical

is expressed through her art

Tools of the trade: Mariya continues to draw using portable materials, such as watercolor, small sketch books, pens, markers, ink, and charcoal (pastel).

Painting women has always fascinated Mariya; long necks, voluminous lips, and large eyelashes.

This is how she expresses her vision of today’s modern girl/woman.

Surreal themes & details are often presented in her works.  

 Illustrator – Mariya Christova