Stolen Space Group Show - 4me4you

4Me4You Features - “BE STILL, LIFE”.


4me4you visits Stolen Space Gallery which showcased “BE STILL, LIFE”.


‘Be Still, Life’ exhibition brings together StolenSpace artists who capture still life with a fresh perspective, who have put their creative stamp on the classic principle of ‘still life’ art.

We’re living in a world where peace, tranquility and ’stillness’ is ever diminishing, it’s hard to find that stillness when we are presented with fast paced technology, and information at our fingertips. With this show we pause time, offer quiet reflection, and a moment to pause and question what we surround ourselves with. ‘Be Still, Life’ examines still life in our contemporary, and how it has transformed from it’s art historical roots to be relevant in today’s society: a snap shot of the ‘now’.


Artists: Beau Stanton, Bennett Slater, Dan Rawlings, Usugrow

Artists: Dan Witz, Dave Pollot, David Bray, Hans Sures, Jack Panik, Xavier Casalta

Artists: James Joyce, Joram Roukes, Kathy Ager, Kristen Liu-Wong, Yohta Matsuoka

Artists: Nick Sheehy, Noah Verrier, Paul Stephenson, Peter Frederiksen, Sarah Best

Artists: Simon Monk, Sofia Enriquez, Steeven Salvat, Thiago Nevs, Tom Gerrard