PM/AM Gallery Group Show - 4me4you

4Me4You Features - “40 (What Now?)”.


4me4you visits PM/AM Gallery which showcased a Group Show - “40 (What Now?)”.


‘What Now?’ builds on the vibrant and innovative central concept for each edition, which is to explore the inspirations and innovations that guide and motivate the work of the featured artists.

It holds traditional painting as a pivotal medium, but in recognising current trends and developments, its limits lie far beyond the painted canvas. Its scope expands into adjacent art-forms and processes, always paying attention to history and tradition, and how they are recontextualised and updated in the present.

40 (What Now?)”.

ARTISTS: Beatrice Scaccia, Cindy Phenix, Erica Mao, Jack Jubb, Jasmine Little

ARTISTS: Lauryn Welch, Lenard Baby, Madeline Peckenpaugh

ARTISTS: Madeline Peckenpaugh, Na Chainkua Reindorf, Nicolas Coleman

ARTISTS: Nicolas Coleman, Noelia Towers, Ryan Cosbert and Shanna Waddell.

As art theorist Keti Chukhrov wrote: “Art withers away if it doesn’t take interest in what is beyond the limits of art.