ARTIST: Nick Smith - 4me4you

4Me4You Features - “POLYTHEISM”.


4me4you visits Rhodes Contemporary Art Gallery, which featured the artist Nick Smith - “POLYTHEISM”.


Nick Smith creates pixelated works with hand-placed colour-chips, cleverly combining text and image to create intriguing and provocative collaged works.

“Our choice of footwear often reflects our life’s journey. Shoes not only offer comfort and protection but also serve as a medium for expressing our diverse tastes and cultural affiliations.

This body of work investigates the intricate relationship between iconic footwear and the subcultures they have become associated with. “Polytheism” examines these connections, inviting recognition and consideration of the true significance of these cherished cultural icons.”

Smith delves into the multifaceted universe of sneaker culture, exploring the myriad reasons behind our collective fascination.

“By utilising the highly emotive and familiar language of biblical texts, I aim to emphasise the deep, almost worshipful connection people have with sneaker culture. The language of reverence and adoration, typically reserved for sacred scriptures, is applied to material possessions, creating a thought-provoking contrast that prompts viewers to question their values and priorities.” – Nick Smith.




ARTIST: Nick Smith