ARTIST: Fin DAC - 4me4you

4Me4You Features - “Urban Aesthetics”.


4me4you visits West Contemporary Editions, which featured the artist Fin DAC - “Urban Aesthetics”.


Fin DAC, born Finbarr Notte and also referred to as Finbarr DAC is a self-taught, non-conformist urban artist who has defined and perfected an atypical spray paint style he has dubbed ‘Urban Aesthetics’.

Fascinated by Asian beauty, Notte’s work has no political message and only focuses on beauty and aesthetics. His depictions are women in ethnic clothes are mainly stencil-based, with a predominance of black and white and they all wear a mysterious mask painted with bright colour splashes.

All of them are heavily influenced by Asian art, with inspiration in traditional and ceremonial dressing, and most of them are based on women the artist has met.

As a self-taught and non-conformist artist, his influences range from dark graphic novels through to the works of Francis Bacon and Aubrey Beardsley.

Fin DAC explores themes related to female emancipation and empowerment, while revealing their sensuality and sensitivity at the same time.