ARTIST: Tega Akpokona - 4me4you

4Me4You Features - -“take a message”.


4me4you visits PM/AM Gallery which featured Visual Artist, Storyteller Tega Akpokona - “take a message”.


Taking much inspiration from Old Masters and Renaissance art, Tega’s earlier work places equal emphasis on the ethereal qualities of a timeless painting, and the human drama captured in the faces and poise of the subjects within it. Works possess a significant depth in tonality and a dynamic approach to detail guiding the eye.

It’s clear to see the artist’s key influences at play here, inspired as he is by Rembrandt, Reuben and others associated with the Dutch and Flemish Baroque movements. Like these Tega has a masterful approach to the movement and directionality of light and considers it to be a presence in itself.

Tega invites us to consider how light creates darkness—there can be no shade without light; how by the nature of its all pervasive presence it is powerful enough to represent spiritual entities. In his eyes light is as important, perhaps more important, than any figure on the canvas. The harnessing of light is for this artist a priority.

ARTIST: “Tega Akpokona”