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4me4you features the Bio Dutch-American artist “I0010x0010”.


"Intelligent Artifacts 02.02 Beta” by Dutch-American artist 0010x0010 is a dark, psychedelic post-contemporary audio-visual experience that explores a unique and deeply personal connection between artificial intelligence, mental health, and the intersection of fashion, makeup, and avant-garde underground culture.

The artwork features a mix of abstract video sequences, immersive soundscapes, and bold fashion and makeup statements that draw on the avant-garde underground culture scene. The installation expresses the impact of information and image overload on the human brain and how AI can be used to process and understand these experiences.

The heart of the installation is the question of whether AI art can be considered “real” art.

The artist invites visitors to consider the role of technology in the creative process and the impact of fashion, makeup, and underground culture on self-expression.

The installation is a beta version, showcasing the unexpected glitches and behaviors that arise when pushing the boundaries of technology.

Intelligent Artifacts 02.02 Beta”.

ARTIST: “0010x0010”.