ARTIST: Craig Robertson - 4me4you

4me4you features “Using the body as a symbol “.


4me4you features figurative sculptor Craig Robertson.


His work is an attempt to communicate something that is primal to the human condition. By combining the figurative with the abstract, his work seeks to convey a sense of disconnection between the individual human being and our accepted notions of the ‘self.’ He examines the nature of these different selves within our collective human experience, and grapples with our inherent desire to be simultaneously both connected and estranged from society.

Using the body as a symbol of the individual mind or soul - with it’s intrinsic sense of hope and spirituality - he wishes to evoke the familiar functions that human figures have played in art across millennia as expressions of the joy and suffering of emotion

Though the figures in his work might be understood as universal ‘portraits’ of humanity, they represent only a fragmentary perception of this idea, and like ancient figures in the art of different world cultures, are deliberately distorted in order the emphasise the un-reality of the world that they occupy.

ARTIST: Craig Robertson