ARTIST: Yann Leto - 4me4you

4Me4You Features - ‘Big City’.


4me4you visits JD Malat Gallery which featured the artist - Yann Leto - ‘Big City’.


‘Big City’ life with its conventional enigmatic ambience inspired by Leto’s fascination with the visual vocabulary of the early 1900s.

Exploring the ubiquitous characteristics of the 20th century such as jazz, alcohol, prostitution and lust, Leto endeavours to capture the heterogeneity of the aesthetics of the time and encapsulate a witty contemporary twist in the depicted narratives.

Lеto incorporates motifs and iconography from different periods of art history, but always gives his pieces a modern twist. One can witness elements from Cubism, mixed with the fluidity and vibrancy of Matisse’s forms, and many other hints to various artistic styles, – a beautiful fusion sprinkled with Leto’s distinct punk attitude.

His thought-provoking artworks create narratives that can be perceived as surreal collages. A lover of classical painting, Leto combines inspiration from great masterpieces of art history and incorporates elements from his surrounding environment.

This fusion creates collage-like imagery, which is also the result of a collection of hard drives filled with digital files, Google images, newspaper clippings and articles

ARTIST: Yann Leto