ARTIST: Will Martyr - 4me4you

4Me4You Features - - “You Gave Me Paradise”.


4me4you visits Unit London Gallery which featured the artist - Will Martyr - “You Gave Me Paradise”.


You Gave Me Paradise sees Martyr develop his practice to incorporate figures, a transition he has been thinking about for many years. This body of work continues to depict the rarefied yet universally familiar locations of rest and relaxation

You Gave Me Paradise has an overwhelming feel of warmth and compassion.  The surroundings remain indelibly seductive, but are almost obscured by the close, relaxed and unguarded human presence. The figures include elements of narrative in the work, and increase their ability to act as surfaces for the projection of hopes and memories, allowing the viewer to project onto the piece, escaping into a stylised world with whoever they wish

“These poolside compositions are designed to be familiar and safe, reminding the viewer of places they have loved and laughed”.

Martyr’s illustrious education has had a profound effect on his practice. From the unconventional shape of his circular canvases, named tondos, to the hard-edged qualities of his painting, reminiscent of Pop-Art, Modernism and Italian Futurism, his artwork is heavily influenced by the history of art.

His wife has been his latest muse in the creation of his alluring paintings which bear titles such as “Something Special”, “Dancing across the water” or “Wherever you are its alright”.

ARTIST: Will Martyr