ARTIST: Jess Cochrane - 4me4you

4Me4You Features - “A Woman By Any Other Name“.


4me4you visits Rhodes Gallery which featured Jess Cochrane - “A Woman By Any Other Name“.


Jess Cochrane’s work is synonymous with subversive feminine beauty.  She continues to connect the dots between art history, design and advertising: questioning the intent behind classical symbols in a modern mise-en-scène. WEBSITE:

A Woman By Any Other Name features a suite of portraits depicting women posing to camera, adorned with the fruits and flora traditionally depicted in Renaissance portraiture.

Cochrane’s damning of traditional symbols and motifs reclaims autonomy for the women she paints. The works are confronting, both in their size and their nature, yet playful.

“A Woman By Any Other Name“.

ARTIST: Jess Cochrane