ARTIST: Loribelle Spirovski - 4me4you

4Me4You Features - “Big things happening - Homme”.


4me4you visits HOFA Gallery which featured the artist Loribelle Spirovski - “Big things happening - Homme”.


As with all her Homme pieces, this work experiments with playfulness and movement, allowing simple forms and colour to interact with the audiences’ imagination and powers of interpretation.

“In my practice I have found that portraiture enables me to reflect through the sitter, who becomes a conduit for both their own anxieties, as well as mine. My practice is an attempt to externalise internal conflict, creating a juxtaposition of movement and stillness that forms an unsettling effect, evoking a surreal and dreamlike quality. It is in this dreamlike place that the spectre of mortality emerges, and though my art is often considered ‘dark,’ I believe it is ultimately redemptive as it lays bare an emotional truth” - Loribelle Spirovski

Big things happening – Homme”.

…experiments with playfulness and movement..

ARTIST: Loribelle Spirovski